Our Careteam

Amanda Craven

Veterinary Technician

Amanda grew up in a small town in Michigan.  Living on a lot of land, she was always outside.  Most of her summers were spent knee-deep in mud and muck trying to catch frogs and tadpoles.  She moved to Carmel in the summer of 2012 with her boyfriend Tommy and their Labrador mix named Vegas.  Vegas is definitely a daddy’s girl as she is loving referred to as “The Princess.”  Since moving to Carmel, Amanda has added another pet to the family, a Staffordshire Terrier named Viva.  Viva is a little ball of energy and kisses.  Amanda likes to joke that Viva doesn’t know how to make normal dog noises, and instead sounds more like a dinosaur than a canine.  In her spare time, Amanda enjoys cooking, hiking, and anything outdoors.  She loves taking both dogs to Flowing Well Park.  They absolutely love to swim!

Amanda has been working in the pet industry for the past few years.  When she is not working at Cottage Animal Clinic, she works as a pet groomer.  Working with animals has always been her dream job.  She looks forward to meeting you and cuddling up to your furry pets!

Photo of  Amanda  Craven

Meredith Smith

Veterinary Technician

Meredith used to live in Montana on a ranch – complete with snow capped mountains, cows and horses. She came back to Indiana to attend college and be with her family. As the youngest of three girls, Meredith has always loved helping others just like her mother, Kris, who has worked at Community Hospital for over 36 years. She gained valuable experience working at other veterinary clinics in Westfield prior to joining the Cottage Animal Clinic team.

Meredith is the proud owner of an AKC Red Siberian Husky named Sienna who is very inquisitive, stubborn, and quick. She and her daughter love to play with Sienna. She also loves to run, especially in obstacle course races like Tough Mudder, Rebel Race, and Warrior Dash. Every Wednesday, Meredith competes in a soccer league in Noblesville. Her passions are helping animals, being a mommy, learning, and being positive. She regularly asks herself what she can do to make today and tomorrow better than yesterday.

Meredith finds it exciting to be a part of the Cottage Animal Clinic team and she looks forward to getting to know you and your pets!

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Photo of  Meredith  Smith

Miranda Hummel

Veterinary Technician

Miranda was raised in the small country town of Monrovia, Indiana.  Her family farmed the land as well care for an assortment of animals including:  rabbits, chickens, cows, and horses.  Miranda attended the University of Indianapolis and worked as a graphic designer following college.  But her dream was always to work with animals, so she joined the Careteam at Cottage Animal Clinic in 2013 to pursue her passion.

Over the years, Miranda has rescued an abundant amount of animals from raccoons and rats to dogs and cats.  She loves helping animals in need.  Currently, Miranda has four pet family members at home.  Her two calico cats look absolutely identical even though they are from different litters, her pit bull is as sweet as pie, and her chocolate Labrador has an unstoppable appetite mixed with an uncanny ability to get into trouble.  Miranda loves that animals see the best in people and always make her feel great no matter what.

Besides pets, Miranda’s other passion is art.  In her spare time she likes to paint and create artwork.  She also enjoys spending time with her long time boyfriend Pierce.  They still take the dogs back to her hometown and let them play in the woods and swim in the lake together.  Miranda would love to meet you and show your pet some loving care here at Cottage Animal Clinic.  

Photo of  Miranda  Hummel

Julie Lease

Veterinary Technician

Julie has always loved animals. Growing up in New Palestine, Indiana, she was surrounded by a large variety of pets. She had horses, dogs, rabbits, ducks, a pony named “Jinglebells”, and two Seahorses named “Sonny and Cher”.  If she wasn’t playing with the animals, Julie was either drawing dogs and horses, or reading everything about them that she could get her hands on. It was this wide variety of pets and experiences that shaped her love for animals that still continues to this day.

Julie’s family moved to Greenfield, Indiana, where over the years their pets included three Poodles, and a Golden Retriever. She graduated from Greenfield Central High School before starting her college education at Ball Sate University with a double major in Fine Arts and Psychology. After moving to the north side of Indianapolis, Julie eventually graduated from IUPUI with a B.S. in Psychology and continued her artistic projects on the side as a hobby. She has been commissioned to paint dog portraits, and in 2000 won first place at the Indiana State Fair Fine Arts Division for one of her many animal portraits.

Julie currently lives in Carmel, Indiana with her husband, Tom. Every year they contribute to the Hamilton County Humane Society, and highly recommend their services for those looking to adopt a pet. Julie loves to cook, make jewelry, and is an avid fan of the Colts and IU basketball.

Prior to joining the Cottage Animal Clinic of Carmel as a receptionist and veterinary assistant, Julie taught pre-school and has over twenty years of experience in the hospitality/customer service industry. From there she went on to work in two different Indianapolis area psychology clinics. She is very excited to now be a part of the Cottage Animal Clinic and looks forward to getting to know each and every one of you as part of our new clinic family of pet friends and patients!

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Photo of  Julie  Lease